Trade B2B account

For  business or  professionals  we are  glad  to offer  discounts up to 15% on the  value  of the product and  and additional discount  of up to to 25% based  on the average monthly turnover for the last three months.  

Companies - sole traders  or  professionals who are  registered as a business are eligible for a trade account.

We calculate the total  discount basis the quantity per SKU purchased   and basis the average purchase turnover of the last three months.

  • Product discount. Is  calculated basis the  quantity  per  product per  variant that you place  in the cart . The  discount  is  applied  on the  price of  the  product.  The more  items  per product per  variety you add in the  cart  the  more  discount  you get.  

  • A trader class discount  is  calculated  basis  the  total amount  of  your order and is applied  in addition to the Product discount  .  

For  example  if  you buy lets  say three  DISCUS and  5 ANTWERP  you get 5% discount  on the  price  of  the  DISCUS  and  7% discount  on the  price  of  the ANTWERP .On top of  this if your trader class is "Trader" you get a 10% discount.

Shipping costs as per our shipping rates click here to check them out.

If you wish to apply for  a trade account please click on the button below and apply for a trade  account.  

If  you have  questions  regarding  our  trade account  please send  an email to

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